economic expert

economic expert
an expert in the science of economics
Syn: ↑economist
Derivationally related forms: ↑economy (for: ↑economist)
Hypernyms: ↑social scientist
Instance Hyponyms:
Beveridge, ↑William Henry Beveridge, ↑First Baron Beveridge, ↑Friedman, ↑Milton Friedman, ↑Frisch, ↑Ragnar Frisch, ↑Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch, ↑Galbraith, ↑John Galbraith, ↑John Kenneth Galbraith, ↑Hayek, ↑Friedrich August von Hayek, ↑Jevons, ↑William Stanley Jevons, ↑Keynes, ↑John Maynard Keynes, ↑Koopmans, ↑Tjalling Koopmans, ↑Tjalling Charles Koopmans, ↑Kuznets, ↑Simon Kuznets, ↑Laffer, ↑Arthur Laffer, ↑Leacock, ↑Stephen Leacock, ↑Stephen Butler Leacock, ↑Leontief, ↑Wassily Leontief, ↑Malthus, ↑Thomas Malthus, ↑Thomas Robert Malthus, ↑Marx, ↑Karl Marx, ↑Meade, ↑James Edward Meade, ↑Mill, ↑John Mill, ↑John Stuart Mill, ↑Monnet, ↑Jean Monnet, ↑Myrdal, ↑Gunnar Myrdal, ↑Karl Gunnar Myrdal, ↑Pareto, ↑Vilfredo Pareto, ↑Ricardo, ↑David Ricardo, ↑Schumpeter, ↑Joseph Schumpeter, ↑Joseph Alois Schumpeter, ↑Simon, ↑Herb Simon, ↑Herbert A. Simon, ↑Herbert Alexander Simon, ↑Smith, ↑Adam Smith, ↑Tawney, ↑Richard Henry Tawney, ↑Tinbergen, ↑Jan Tinbergen, ↑Tobin, ↑James Tobin, ↑Turgot, ↑Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, ↑Veblen, ↑Thorstein Veblen, ↑Thorstein Bunde Veblen, ↑Ward, ↑Barbara Ward, ↑Baroness Jackson of Lodsworth, ↑Webb, ↑Sidney Webb, ↑Sidney James Webb, ↑First Baron Passfield, ↑Woodbury, ↑Helen Laura Sumner Woodbury
Member Holonyms: ↑economics profession

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